Improving Australia’s cold food chain


Peak cold chain body, the Australian Food Cold Chain Council (AFCCC), is currently rewriting standards and developing a code of practice to improve Australia’s cold chain.

Currently Australia wastes 7.6 million tonnes of food annually at a cost of $37 billion. Fresh food in Australia spends more than half its life in transit and up to 60 per cent of cold chain failures are due to human error.

A quality management system ensures that temperatures of goods are accurately verified at each control point and change of custody in the food handling and storage process.

In addition, the AFCCC has recently introduced The Australian Food Pact. It’s a voluntary agreement by Woolworths, Coles, Mars Australia and ARECO Pacific that aims to prevent food waste, donate good food and support cold chain innovation to halve the country’s food waste by 2030.

It’s predicted that over the next 10 years food demand will increase by 50 per cent, demand for energy will rise by 50 per cent and water by 30 per cent.