Be the future of the climate control industry

It’s not a stretch to say that refrigeration and air conditioning is vital to mankind’s survival.

When you consider surgical operations can’t happen without refrigeration facilities, or that there’d be no transport of meat without refrigeration – then you start to understand how important the role refrigeration and air conditioning technicians play in society.

The refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) industry is:

  • Vital for human health, comfort and safety
  • A climate control industry
  • An essential service and a 'pandemic proof' industry
  • Full of opportunities which aren't limited to 'on the tools' jobs
  • Constantly evolving due to the adoption of new, climate-friendly technologies 

On top of this, a record number of air conditioning units are being installed in homes and buildings each year, meaning demand for services are rapidly increasing.

The climate control industry needs you! Are you..

An effective team player?

A great planner and organiser?

Able to use initiative and innovation to solve problems?

Careers in the climate control industry are many and varied

Do you want a career that makes a real, positive difference?

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Female apprentices thrive in the climate control industry

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Facts and figures - refrigeration and air conditioning technicians

Learn about employment level and growth, salary, hours of work, employment by State/Territory and the main employing industries at the JOB OUTLOOK Australian Government website.

Read a research report on the challenges and recommendations for the commercial HVACR industry in Australia (courtesy of AMCA). Click here to read.

Certificate III in refrigeration and air conditioning

This qualification is the cornerstone of the climate control industry. It provides competencies to select components, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain refrigeration systems and equipment that apply to food storage and preservation, air conditioning and air distribution equipment in buildings and premises.

It also includes regulatory requirements for purchasing and handling refrigerants and leads to the national ARCTick licence required by law for people working on RAC systems in Australia. Read more about the Certificate III in refrigeration and air conditioning on the Australian Government’s myskills website

Where to study?

Visit the Australian Government website or the Australian Apprenticeships website to read more about refrigeration and air conditioning apprenticeships, courses and registered training organisations nearest you.

Learn about refrigeration and air conditioning careers! Download our career pathway's document here.