The ARC works hard to drive customers to refrigeration and air conditioning businesses


How we help industry

Our online business directory and licence check facility lists over 87,000 licensed businesses and individuals.

ARC marketing and advertising efforts drive over 100,000 potential customers to the consumer website over Summer each year. These are serious numbers. And ARC have been doing this for industry for over 8 years – ensuring consumers see ARC licence holders as the “benchmark for quality”.

In addition to this, we provide industry with free marketing materials, service stickers and posters so they can promote their licence credentials and businesses.

How we help consumers

There is a clear and present risk if consumers use non-licenced or inappropriately licensed technicians to install or service their air conditioners or refrigerators - a risk to both the environment and their wallet.

Appropriately licenced ARC refrigeration and air conditioning technicians and authorised businesses have shown themselves to be qualified to do the job consumers have hired them to do. They have met the licensing / authorisation requirements under the Ozone Regulations, and the fact that an ARC licence holder must adhere to an Industry Code of Practice and prove they have the relevant qualifications for their licence – means they are qualified to do the job their licence entitles them to do.

Some ARC licensed technicians are qualified and licensed to install split system air conditioners only. Others are qualified and licensed to install, service and maintain all air conditioning and refrigeration systems (excluding vehicles) or work on vehicle cooling systems only.

Using non-licensed or inappropriately licensed technicians means consumers run the risk of:

  • Sub-par service / installation which may mean additional services are required
  • Product warranty becoming null and void
  • Refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere - damaging the environment and bad for the performance of the system

Visit the ARC consumer website for further information.