Cold Hard Facts 3 - Review of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry in Australia

The refrigeration and air conditioning industry is the largest user of synthetic greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances in Australia. Cold Hard Facts 3 provides an economic and technological assessment of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in Australia in 2016.

The report includes an analysis of the size and economic value of the industry, the equipment and refrigerant gas bank, trends in gas imports and equipment, and direct and indirect emissions in this sector. It expands on, and where possible makes comparisons with, two previous studies; Cold Hard Facts 1 published in 2007, and Cold Hard Facts 2, published in 2013.

This study provides a broad view of the composition, size and value of the industry, and projections for its future. This will assist industry and policy makers with management of ozone depleting substances as they are phased out, and synthetic greenhouse gases, including hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) which are being phased down from January 2018. 

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