Thursday, 25 June 2020


Celebrate the superheroes of the cold on ‘World Refrigeration Day’

26 June 2020 is World Refrigeration Day and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

World Refrigeration Day is an international event, and aims to raise awareness about the role the refrigeration and air conditioning industry plays in supporting modern life and society.

Our industry has a profound impact on the community. Just think, a blood transfusion or surgery cannot be performed without the work of a licensed refrigeration and air conditioning technician, not to mention the importance of technicians to industries like food transport and scientific research. This influence has become even more apparent as we have adjusted our lives to manage the COVID-19 pandemic and seen the importance of ensuring our medical services and food supply chains continue to operate.

Glenn Evans, CEO of the Australian Refrigeration Council, said the role of our industry is vital, particularly during a pandemic. “When you consider that surgical operations can’t happen without refrigeration facilities, or that there’d be no transport of meat or other perishables, you start to realise we’d be in a whole lot of trouble without the men and women of the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.”

“On behalf of everyone at the Australian Refrigeration Council, we say thank you to all the refrigeration and air conditioning technicians out there – you really make a difference.”

For further information, please contact Alex Doran, General Manager, Communications and Business Development at the ARC on 03 9843 1601 or email