Friday, 1 May 2020


ARC brokers deal in QLD to fix licensing loophole

Working in collaboration with member associations AMCA and RACCA, ARC sought and obtained an agreement from the Queensland Government to review their recently introduced Mechanical Services – Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Licence.

During communications with the Department of Housing and Public Works and the Minister’s office some months ago, ARC highlighted concerns regarding one of the prescribed technical qualifications for the licence - Certificate III in Engineering Mechanical Trade (MEM30219) - as this qualification can be obtained without undertaking refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) competencies. This means a person can obtain a RAC licence in Queensland without having undertaken RAC-specific training.

The end result of having a licence category without appropriate RAC competencies is substandard installations, higher costs to the consumer, safety risks and damage to the environment.

The Queensland Government has agreed to review this situation and stated they will work closely with ARC to ensure that technicians are properly qualified and adequately skilled to perform the scope of works for their licence, and promote good consumer, environmental and safety outcomes.

For further information, please contact Alex Doran, General Manager, Communications and Business Development at the ARC on 03 9843 1601 or email