Call to extend JobKeeper scheme to keep apprentices in jobs

The Australian Government’s JobKeeper Payment scheme has ensured many refrigeration, air conditioning and automotive apprentices have been able to remain in their apprenticeship programs and assist their employers with delivering important services to the community.

However, there are fears that when the JobKeeper scheme ends as scheduled on 27 September 2020, many employers will be forced to let their apprentices go.

A recent segment on the 7.30 program (27 May 2020) highlighted this issue, as well as public statements by the Australian Industry Group and TAFE Directors Australia, among others.

The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) has been in contact with the Prime Minister’s office lobbying for an extension of the JobKeeper Payment scheme to keep apprentices in jobs.

The work of the RAC industry is essential to society. During the COVID-19 pandemic this importance has stood out, with a focus on ensuring the uninterrupted supply and operation of temperature-dependent medical services and food delivery to supermarkets.